About Us

Conflux Dance Theater is a local, Richmond based, contemporary dance company founded in 2022 by Miguel Perez and Angelica Burgos. 

Our story 

Miguel Perez and Angelica Burgos each have over 25 years of experience performing with multiple professional dance companies and working with some of the most well known choreographers in the dance world. Both were drawn to Richmond by way of their spouses. After planting roots in Richmond and teaching at some of the same universities and studios, they both decided that there was an opportunity to build something truly special. Their goal was to have a company that reflects the diversity found throughout Richmond, and to inspire future generations while bringing the community together – and this is where the name Conflux was born.  Conflux is defined as streams of a river flowing together or the merging and gathering of people, which aligns perfectly with their purpose of creating the company, while also giving a nod to the “River City”.


Conflux Dance Theater thrives on diversity. We see diversity as essential to personal growth, creativity, and the advancement of our vision. We strive to remove barriers and build an inclusive community where people of all backgrounds can participate and contribute to our mission.

At Conflux, we embrace diversity in all its manifestations. We recognize that all people, despite any differences, bring value and unique perspectives, which only strengthens and enriches our organization. In the years ahead, our goal is to continue to bring people together through the joy of dance while creating an environment where all feel safe, accepted, and welcome.

To achieve our vision for Conflux, we must recruit and retain artists, staff, and board members with a wide array of experiences, perspectives, interests, and talents. In doing so, we create a community that exemplifies the best in all of us.

Conflux Dance Theater Troupe

Board Of Directors 

Naomi Boyd, President

Pauline Marcq, Vice President

Jennifer Caulder, Treasurer

Laura Keller, Secretary

Harry Khanna

Wes Fertig

Sharon Handley

Miguel Perez

Advisory Board 

Anne Van Gelder

Galdys Brenner

Jackie H. Mason

Paul Ghiselin

Scott Putman

Portia Chan